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Frequently Asked Questions

How can burning wood be environmentally friendly?

When burned (or even left to rot), wood and biomass fuels release the same carbon dioxide (CO2) that they absorbed whilst growing - unlike the carbon in coal, oil and gas, which was absorbed over millions of years but is being released in the space of a few decades. 

Therefore, biomass fuels are considered to be carbon neutral fuels. The energy used to harvest, process and transport the fuel does need to be factored in as well. When used locally it is a very low-carbon option.

Do I Need a Chimney?

You do not need a preexisting chimney. If your home does not have one we can install prefabricated twin-wall stainless steel system so you can enjoy a real fire in virtually any property.

Stove or Open Fire?

There is nothing quite like coming home to a real fire. Wood stoves offer the pleasure and warmth of a real fire with far greater efficiency and without the mess of an open fire.

Normally, only about 5%-15% of the heat produced by an open fire benefits the house. The other 85%-95% goes straight up the chimney. This is of course very wasteful and expensive in fuel, but at least the flue gases (the “smoke”) remain hot, and relatively little condensation of steam or unburned volatiles takes place. The loss of heat up the chimney means that the flue gases remain above the “dew point” and are thus mostly emitted safely into the atmosphere.

With a wood burning stove however, between 60%-75% or more of the heat released by the burning wood will be radiated and convected into the room as useful heat. This means that, depending on the size of the original open fireplace and its flue cross-section, a stove is typically 4 to 10 times more efficient in turning fuel into useful heat. 

How do I Choose a Stove?

There is a fantastic range of stoves to choose from and, as with most products, you generally get what you pay for. However, you should consider what you want your stove for. If you just want cosy secondary heating, the look of the stove will be very important, with as large a view of the flames as possible.

Maybe rising fuel prices are making you think of heating your whole house with wood using a stove with a back boiler. One of the main considerations here will then be what sort of output the stove has. Contact us or ask your supplier what the maximum output is - only the nominal outputs are now listed and these figures are usually useless because of flaws in the way the test is done - so ask us about sizing your stove.

If you like in a smoke control area (most UK cities) and would like to heat with wood you will need to choose a stove approved for burning wood in smokeless zones. If you’re not sure, contact us or visit
Lastly, ensure your chosen stove has CE approval to ensure compliance with safety and efficiency standards.

See our Stoves page for links to manufacturer and supplier websites to download their latest catalogues and browse their latest product ranges online.

Does having a real fire involve lots of maintenance to keep clean and alight?

Wood burners are so wonderfully efficient, there is very little waste ash produced so gone are the days where having a real fire meant having to clean out a hearth every morning. You will also not need to relight the fire everyday as their enclosed nature and fuel efficiency means they can be left burning when you are out of the house.

Why Choose CleanGreen Stoves?

CleanGreen Stoves delivers professional installation and servicing (we are HETAS approved) giving you peace of mind that your stove has been fitted correctly and so will operate safely. Upon completion we will issue you with a certificate showing that the work has been carried out to the relevant standards. Without this certificate, you would need to contact your local authority building control to inspect and certify an installation for insurance purposes, which can be time consuming and expensive.

You can save money buy choosing us. A typical showroom will have much higher costs such as rent, staff, stock etc and so will charge more for the stove and for installation because they have to recover those costs. With us you supply the stove (we can help you with choosing and sourcing if you like) and we will install it for you at a much lower cost.

Whilst we are an installation company, we can supply and fit any wood burning or multi-fuel stove you choose with the provision it has a minimum of a CE mark (the European Standards mark which replaced the British Standards compliancy mark.) Preferably your chosen stove should also be HETAS approved.

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