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A brighter, warmer future

CleanGreen Stoves a wood burning / multi-fuel stove installation company. It was set up by Chris Graham who had a desire to take control of his own destiny by working for himself, and also a commitment to work in a field which would be in tune with his personal ethos and values which are very much centred around the environment.

A lifelong resident of Southampton and a lover of the outdoors, Chris has on his doorstep the best of what the great Hampshire countryside has to offer, and when he is not installing stoves and consulting with customers you are most likely to find him walking his dogs in the New Forest or soaring high above the rolling South Downs suspended in the harness of his paraglider.

Closeness to Nature

It is this closeness to nature and the elements which inspired Chris to seek out an occupation which he believes allows him to earn a living whilst having a fundamentally neutral impact on the environment he gets so much enjoyment from. Installing products he believes in because of the benefits to the quality of life of his customer and the environment.

A wood burning stove can turn any interior from the traditional to the contemporary, into the ideal home we all seek, offering warmth, romance, truly green credentials and a tangible focus for family togetherness in the home. There is something seemingly deep in our genes which makes us as human beings feel secure when we gather round, tend and are warmed by a real wood fire.

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